A. Basmati rice

ASJ Overseas is a Pure Basmati Rice provider and exporter. Our organization has established itself as a global leader in the retailing, exporting, and supplying of 1121, 1509, Sugandha, Pusa, Sharbati, and PR-11 Basmati rice. The ideal terms to describe the quality of basmati rice merchandising and exporting by us are high nutritional value, outstanding flavour, and rich aroma. We ensure that the basmati rice we provide is free of impurities and will be highly helpful to a wide range of global clients. We provide the finest FOB, CNF, and CIF rates for Basmati rice, as well as customized packing based on the buyer's specifications. Packing is available in a variety of materials, including PP bags, Jute bags, and non-woven bags, with sizes ranging from 5kg to 50kg. Importer can be printed with a custom logo.

B. Non-basmati rice

ASJ Overseas is an exporter and provider of Non-Basmati Rice, which is highly sought after and adored by clients due to its excellent nutritional content and delicious flavour. It has a long shelf life and is packaged in sanitary packaging to maintain quality. Non-Basmati Rice not only meets high quality criteria, but it also has a better pricing policy, setting industry norms. Non-Basmati rice is available in a variety of grains, including long grain, short grain, and medium grain. Varieties include 5 percent IR 64 Parboiled Long Grain Rice, 5 percent IR 64 Raw Long Grain Rice, 5 percent IR 8 Parboiled Rice, 5 percent IR 8 Raw Rice, Sona Masoori Raw Rice, Swarna, Indrayani and daftari rice.

C. Broken rice

ASJ Overseas is an exporter and provider of high-quality white broken rice. Our white broken rice is completely safe to consume. We prepare our broken rice in a thoroughly sanitary manner in order to preserve its natural characteristics. We also provide high-quality boiling broken rice, which is in high demand on the market. Furthermore, we are one of India's top broken rice exporters. We export 100% Broken Rice in a variety of packaging and end-use applications. We only export 100% White Broken Rice to African countries.